4 Positive Impact of Gadgets on Children

4 Positive Impact of Gadgets on Children

4 Positive Impact of Gadgets on Children. In this digital era, experts believe it is impossible to prevent children from gadgets at all.
If at home he is not given, he can be lent by his friends at school.
Yes, you might not be able to keep your child away from gadgets.
But no need to worry first.

The use of gadgets in children does not always have a negative impact.
If applied correctly, playing gadgets also has benefits for children.
So far, there have been many experts and studies that show negative effects on children when using gadgets early on.
Gadgets addiction and the risk of obesity are some of these effects.
4 Positive Impact of Gadgets on Children

4 Positive Impact of Gadgets on Children

However, the fact that children today are digital natives or a generation that has been exposed to technology since birth.
So that distance all technology will certainly be very difficult.

Parents do not need to worry about early exposure to technology in children, because gadgets can also have a positive impact on your child,
as long as they are given limits. Here are some of the 4 Positive Impact of Gadgets on Children of using gadgets.

1. Smart Children Choose Information

Being accustomed to using gadgets, Little One is accustomed to getting a lot of information in one click.
In the future he will be more adept at sorting out the information he needs, Anne explained.
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2. Quick Decision Making

Basically the game that is in the gadget has a fast tempo.
“Children become accustomed to making decisions in quick time,” said Anne,
while reminding parents to keep a tight selection of what games are good for Little.

3. Creative Thinking

Games help develop the peripheral vision that affects the creative thinking abilities of children.

4. Good habits

With the right games, Little One can also mimic good habits.
This can happen because children tend to imitate what is done by the characters in the game.

Although it has 4 Positive Impact of Gadgets on Children, Anne said parents must have clear rules and restrictions on using gadgets.
So that the use of gadgets in children can have a positive impact, there are several things parents can do, such as:

Pay attention to the age of the child

Use of gadgets in children. 4 Positive Impact of Gadgets on Children.
So that the benefits of gadgets as a means of children’s education can be achieved, you should wait until your child is 2 years and older.
Giving a gadget to children aged 18 months and under is not recommended by experts.
Yes, at that age children should play more with things that can stimulate their sensory and motor nerves.
It was important to support the growth and development of your child, Moms.

“Children under the age of 18 months, experts recommend that no need to be given.
For educational and recreational functions, such as watching and playing games, experts recommend starting at the age of 2 years and above.
Under the age it must be used with parents for example for video calls, “explained Nina on the same occasion.

Give Time Limits for Playing Gadgets

If the child is old enough to be given a gadget, you still have to provide a time limit.
For children under five, limit the use of gadgets for recreational purposes to only 1 hour per day. As for the age of 5 years and over,
limit it to 2 hours per day. Avoid letting your child play gadgets for too long so that the risk of making your child addicted.

“Many parents who think of older children are given gadgets but are left too long.
Experts have a new understanding that if you really use gadgets for educational purposes, that’s OK.
What is restricted is that gadgets are used for leisure or recreation such as playing games, “added Nina.

Apply Gadget Free Time

Even though gadgets are very important now, you should still apply gadget-free time or free gadgets for all members.
This needs to be done so that you and your family can interact fully without any distractions.

“Every family must have their own style. But set a time when you should gadget-free.
For example, if you eat together there is no gadget at all. So when we eat while chatting.
If anyone wants to use it, you should ask everyone for permission. 4 Positive Impact of Gadgets on Children.
It’s up to the family when it’s time, but the rules must be made, “suggested Nina.

There is parental supervision

Parents need to accompany and interact with children when playing gadgets.
This is important so that your child does not choose the wrong spectacle.
Interaction with parents when playing gadgets can also support the growth and development of your child and increase bonding.

“In the first five years, physical activity and interaction play an important role in children’s growth and development.
If we replace it with gadgets, the effect is really great.
Gadgets may be given, but there must still be interactions with parents (in their use),” explained Nina.
Providing a Watch that is Useful for Children

Gadgets can indeed be a learning tool for children

For example, if what is watched contains dialogue, the content can also help children’s language development.
Children can also practice many skills from the videos they see in gadgets.
It certainly can further hone his creativity.

“One example of gadgets make it productive: practicing what we are watch.
For example, seeing a video recipe bento then practiced making a bento with children.
Make experiments can also. For example, try to use other materials that are not in the video.
What would it be like, “said Nina.

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